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Defend animals each and every day by making a monthly gift.

Trapped in a crate, or a wire cage. Hunted for sport or for their parts. Forced to work, breed or fight. Hungry, sick or injured. Lost. Frightened. Alone. Animals who are suffering can’t speak for themselves--they need you. Help them now and every day of the year.

Abused, hungry, and sick. Dogs around the world roam the streets with no one to care for them. They're at risk of starving, at risk of disease, at risk of being cruelly killed. Along with helping dogs suffering on dog meat farms and protecting street dogs around the globe, your support also helps protect all animals -- including those suffering in laboratories, on factory farms and those abused in the wild.

Terrified animals trapped in the brutal meat trade in Asia suffer immense cruelty. You can help them, and all animals, now and every day of the year.

Everyday, wildlife, large and small, suffer and die at the hands of trophy hunters, poachers, and commercial traders. Help them, and all animals, now and every day of the year. Become an Animal Defender today.

Hurt, hungry and at risk from disease. When disaster hits, time is of the essence. Your support will allow us be ready at a moment’s notice, to offer aid and save lives. Be there for animals when they need you.

They spend their whole lives in spaces too small to turn around, never knowing the warmth of the sun. Animals raised for food suffer in intensive confinement on factory farms around the world. You can help them and all animals, now and every day of the year.

Subjected to painful experiments, suffering in the name of science. Every year, animals are tortured and killed in laboratories around the world. You can help fight this cruelty now and every day of the year.

Become an Animal Defender today.

What it Means To Be An Animal Defender

"Animal Defender" is the special title we reserve for supporters like you who show amazing compassion for animals and choose to help them through your ongoing gift.

Your generosity and commitment to the cause make our lifesaving work possible. As an Animal Defender, your donation every month plays a critical role in getting us closer, every day, to a society that is truly humane, protecting all animals, everywhere.


Support from Animal Defenders makes it possible for us to fight the dog meat trade in Asia and rescue animals from cruelty.


Every year, even more baby seals will be spared from Canada's annual slaughter because of support from Animal Defenders.


Animal Defenders help vaccinate dogs in desperate situations around the world to keep them - and humans - safe from deadly diseases like rabies.

Strong Together

Besides knowing that you're making the world safer for animals everywhere, when you become an Animal Defender, you'll:


Receive special access to breaking news, updates, and online events and videos

You can choose to hear first-hand from staff in the field, making the world safer for animals, thanks to you.

Join the fight

You'll join other passionate people speaking up for animals, with opportunities to connect and hear each others' stories.

How Your Gift Helps

Thanks to Animal Defenders - compassionate people like you - we're fighting against cruelty for all of the world's animals and working toward creating a society that treats them with care and respect.

Frank Loftus/The HSUS

Animal Defender Action

Defend animals, each and every day. Fight animal cruelty, each and every day. Create a world that protects and cares for all animals, each and every day. Celebrate animals with us. Become an Animal Defender now.

In India, in just one year, we sterilized more than 60,000 street dogs in Jamshedpur and 40,000 in Haryana, vaccinating hundreds of thousands more throughout the country.

We are shutting down farms in South Korea and fighting for stronger laws and enforcement against the dog meat trade throughout Asia, saving the lives of so many animals.

Our refusal to stay silent about the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in British Columbia, Canada, resulted in a ban on grizzly hunting in December 2017.

Following a devastating year of natural disasters in 2017, HSI provided lifesaving support to animals through emergency rescue, care and food.

Partnering with governments, schools and food service providers, we’ve helped promote meat reduction programs and convinced major food corporations to switch to cage-free eggs and phase out the use of cruel gestation crates and battery cages.

In the past year, we successfully pushed for animal-free testing for skin allergies in Europe, helped enact a ban on cruel rabbit eye and skin testing for drugs in India and lobbied for bans on animals testing in Taiwan and Brazil, getting us closer than ever to ending animal testing for good.

Defend animals, each and every day. Fight animal cruelty, each and every day. Create a world that protects and cares for all animals, each and every day. Celebrate animals with us.

Become an Animal Defender now.



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If you have any problems with your donation, please call us toll-free at (866) 614-4371, or email us at [email protected], and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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