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Almost 400 dogs destined for slaughter in Yulin, China were rescued. The dogs were crammed into small wire cages on the back of a truck with barely enough space to breathe. Many were found starving, dehydrated and in desperate need of veterinary treatment.

Please, make an URGENT donation to support immediate care for the dogs and protect all animals worldwide.

China’s annual Yulin dog and cat meat “festival” began on June 21st. Thousands of dogs and cats are grabbed from the streets and their communities or homes, crammed tightly into wire cages and piled onto trucks to be driven for days. Denied food, water and comfort, those stacked at the bottom of the truck become drenched in urine and feces, while those in the middle can suffocate to death. Others die from illness, dehydration or heatstroke long before they reach their destination—those who do survive the journey will be beaten to death and eaten.

The Yulin event is only one small part of the year-round dog and cat meat trade in China and across Asia, where millions of animals are killed each year. Help us change this and fight all forms of animal cruelty by donating today.

Your support allows us to fight in areas of Asia where the dog meat trade is still thriving. Along with helping dogs and cats suffering in the horrific meat trade, you’ll also help protect all animals – including those suffering in laboratories, on factory farms and those abused in the wild.

You can help stop this cruelty. Please give today.



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If you have any problems with your donation, please call us toll-free at (866) 614-4371, or email us at [email protected], and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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