Help fight the dog meat trade and keep all animals safe.

A dog is kept in a cage at a former dog meat farm in Yongin, South Korea

Jean Chung/For HSI 2023

Your support allows us to fight in areas where the dog meat trade is still thriving. With your help, we’ll shut down farms in South Korea and support grassroots efforts to change and enforce better laws throughout Asia, including in South Korea, Indonesia, China and Viet Nam. Along with helping dogs suffering on dog meat farms, your support also helps protect all animals—including those suffering in laboratories, on factory farms, those abused in the wild and so much more.

Donate now to protect animals from the dog meat trade and all forms of cruelty. Please give today.

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By allowing us to use your gift to challenge others to donate, you can help us raise twice the donations and double the impact of your support. By inspiring others to give too, your gift can go twice as far for the abused, neglected and suffering animals who need us now more than ever.



We accept funds from banks in the U.S. and Canada.

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